Sending Holiday Cards to Your Customers

One of my customers had a great suggestion recently about using Mimiran to help send holiday cards to customers. This customer includes their customers’ billing address on the proposal, so that information is already in Mimiran. By exporting the contact … Read More

Zombie Deals

Zombie Deals: the obstacle to sales that you have hidden in plain sight

We have enough obstacles to sales but we often add big obstacles without meaning to. I’m talking about the undead, “zombie deals” in your pipeline. They never close and they never die, but you spend lots of time and energy … Read More

Election 2016: How not to make decisions

Regardless of who you voted for, or who you want to win, America has a terrible way of selecting a new leader. Some of this is inevitable in an organization with over 300,000,000 people. Some of it is a vestige … Read More

Before you do your 2017 strategic planning…

It’s almost that time of the year again, when people start 2017 strategic planning. Before you do, look at this chart, from   Each row is a year and each box is a week. While planning for next year … Read More

Tattooine Sunset

Make Your Proposals Stand Out (and Win)

If you find your prospects aren’t taking action, or aren’t moving forward with you, here’s how you can make your proposals stand out and win more often (and at higher price points). Last time we looked at who is the … Read More

The Customer is Luke. You are Obi-Wan.

What do you think?

I’m always sharing my thoughts on this blog, but I’d love to hear from you… It’s always good to know more about your readers, and to learn from them. Especially as I’m getting read to launch the Sales for Nerds … Read More

Raise Prices, Marc Andreesen, Reuben Swartz

“Raise Prices” Marc Andreessen says you should

Silicon Valley legend Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) was on Tim Ferriss’s (@TimFerriss) podcast recently, and Tim always asks his guests what they would put on a billboard. Marc said two words: “I’ve got one, I’ve actually thought about hiring a skywriter to … Read More

Technical pain, business pain, life pain

The 3 Levels of Pain for a Compelling Proposal

Writing a strong proposal requires a good understanding of the prospect’s pain point(s). However, the way many people have these discussions only scratches the surface of the pain, which leaves you without a complete picture of the problem, and therefore … Read More

The Hardest Advice to Follow

Is usually your own. Last week I wrote about how to multiply the value of your content, because this is a problem I face along with many of you. I knew I needed to do a better job with this. … Read More