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Make Your Proposals Stand Out (and Win)

If you find your prospects aren’t taking action, or aren’t moving forward with you, here’s how you can make your proposals stand out and win more often (and at higher price points). Last time we looked at who is the … Read More

The Customer is Luke. You are Obi-Wan.

What do you think?

I’m always sharing my thoughts on this blog, but I’d love to hear from you… It’s always good to know more about your readers, and to learn from them. Especially as I’m getting read to launch the Sales for Nerds … Read More

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“Raise Prices” Marc Andreessen says you should

Silicon Valley legend Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) was on Tim Ferriss’s (@TimFerriss) podcast recently, and Tim always asks his guests what they would put on a billboard. Marc said two words: “I’ve got one, I’ve actually thought about hiring a skywriter to … Read More

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The 3 Levels of Pain for a Compelling Proposal

Writing a strong proposal requires a good understanding of the prospect’s pain point(s). However, the way many people have these discussions only scratches the surface of the pain, which leaves you without a complete picture of the problem, and therefore … Read More

The Hardest Advice to Follow

Is usually your own. Last week I wrote about how to multiply the value of your content, because this is a problem I face along with many of you. I knew I needed to do a better job with this. … Read More

multiply the value of your content

How to Multiply the Value of Your Content

Great content is great. It’s also really hard to produce and who has time for that, anyway? You can take a page from Oprah’s book and multiply the value of your content creation efforts by spreading their impact, or repurposing. … Read More

The biggest mistake in marketing (according to Seth Godin)

I was listening to Seth Godin’s Q&A session on The Tim Ferriss Show, and I recommend you listen to the whole thing, but the first question was, “what’s the biggest mistake marketers make?” Godin said (and I paraphrase, I was … Read More

How to Turn a Sales Conversation into a Proposal

How many times have you had a great meeting with a prospect, had the prospect ask you for a proposal, think, “I’ve got this one”, and then sit down and realize the proposal isn’t going to be as easy as … Read More

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12 Secrets of Successful Sales Conversations

You’ve finally got a meeting scheduled with your prospect. (If you missed them, you might want to read about how to get more people to convert on your site, and when to call them to get an initial conversation.) I … Read More