IT/Software Consulting: Integration Proposal

Put Software to Work to Grow Your Company

Mimiran lets me focus on what I’m good at and love doing, which is technical delivery, strategy and coaching – not business development or sales.

Matt Konda, Founder, Jemurai


While you’re helping your customers with the technology of tomorrow, you’re selling with tools from yesterday. If you’re still using Word and Excel to create proposals, step into the 21st century and see how Mimiran can help you grow your business.

The integration sample proposal you can grab below highlights:

  • Including the business case for a technical project.
  • Building in validation and bug fixes into the project plan.
  • What the customer’s commitments are to make the project successful.

Less Time on Proposals

Don’t waste billable time creating proposals and then trying to get them closed. Streamline the whole process with Mimiran.

Make Your Website Work for You

Move beyond the “Contact Us” page and give your visitors a reason to connect with you. Mimiran makes it easy– you can start collecting leads tomorrow. And converting them more efficiently than ever.

Increase Your Deal Size

Crisp, professional proposals that you deliver before the competition help you stand out. By providing “good/better/best” options, you increase your win rate and deal size.

Know What's Happening Sooner

You’ll know who has (and hasn’t) read your proposals, so you can not only follow up on the sales side, but also manage your team’s billing more effectively.