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Create a Consulting Client Referral Engine (& 5 Day Referral Bootcamp)

If your business relies on referrals, you need an intentional approach to generating more, better referrals. Hoping a referral comes in this week is not an effective strategy. But how can you encourage more of the right kind of referrals without a ton of time, stress, and "networking"? Watch the free training to rev up your client referral engine and join the Bootcamp to get some focused help.

Focus Your Message: The Consultant's Guide to Mission and Positioning with Mimiran

Match 28, 2024, 11CT As a consultant, growing your business requires a crystal-clear message that resonates with your ideal clients. Yet so many consultants struggle to define their expertise in a way that brings in a steady stream of new clients. Join this workshop with The Elevator Pitch Coach, Andy Winig.

M.E.G.A. Positioning, Lead Magnets, and Flawless Follow-up

Let your positioning do more sales and marketing work for you (so you can do less), with M.E.G.A. Positioning. Plus, learn how to use that positioning to create a compelling Lead Magnet, and how to use Flawless Follow-up to create and nurture relationships without stress or being "sales-y".

Get ready for 2024: Intro to Mimiran, the fun, "anti-CRM" for independent consultants

The counterintuitive view of sales funnels that will make your life easier, and your business more profitable.