Mutual NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement) Template

The Mutual NDA (or NonDisclosure Agreement) is a document that commits 2 parties to keeping confidential information confidential but where do you find a mutual NDA template? Many companies won’t get into serious conversations until an NDA is “in place”. Other companies might just feel more comfortable if you offer to send over a mutual NDA.

Mutual NDAs can be helpful for super sensitive merger and acquisition discussions, or just basic client/provider meetings, where prospects want to feel safe revealing information and the provider wants to discuss approaches or solutions that may be proprietary.

The nice thing about a mutual NDA is that it binds and protects both parties, acknowledging that both may share proprietary information that they trust the receiving party to keep to themselves.

Since Mimiran supports creating and sharing content with e-signatures, some people have used it for automating the NDA process. (Good thinking!)

Now there’s a simple mutual NDA template in Mimiran, and you can grab it below.

This template has worked well with startups and global giants. It’s fair and straightforward. So if you don’t have a mutual NDA template at your disposal, you can start with this one. Note that this is not legal advice and doesn’t replace talking to your lawyer.

(And of course you can automate the NDA process, the proposal process, web lead conversion, and more with Mimiran, the CRM for people who hate “selling”.)