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Answer a few questions and then check out the results below. (Note, this is not some “AI/Big Data” natural language processor. You may have to massage your answers a bit to make things flow smoothly.)

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Want to generate a landing page and a lead magnet? Or just work on your elevator pitch? First, fill in the blanks below. Then, check out the sample web page, call to action, and lead magnet below. If you want to automate the whole system, you can do that, too. Let’s get started…

About My Customers

My business helps who to . With our help, Ideal Clients .

Solution Details

Ideal Clients often try to solve some important problem by. The problem with Traditional Method is , which means that . Our approach is different because . If you want to solve some important problem, here are 3 steps you should take:

About Me*

I got into this field because , stemming from an earlier experience where I . *Why is this even here? Because most corporate copy sounds like corporate copy. Something awful copied from some other company’s website. In a world of boring nonsense, stand out by being a person.  


Based on your answers above, here are some samples to get you started. Note that there’s no fancy machine-learning natural language processing going on here. You may need to tweak your answers, but this gives you a rough outline of how to present:

Mockup for Page

Yes, we’re using a phone as the mockup. This will work on larger screens, as well, of course, but we want to make sure it will work on a small screen first. This forces us to simplify. It’s easy to add more detail, and it’s often a good idea to do that further down the page for SEO purposes, if nothing else. Note also that the call to action is just a button. There’s no form immediately visible.

Ideal Client

With Some Characteristics

Solve Problem without drawback
Get Your Guide
Testimonial Testimonial Jane Doe, Ideal Client

Mockup for Call to Action Form

When the visitor clicks the button, the form appears, right there on the page. (We can also trigger the form after the visitor spends a certain amount of time on the page, when they scroll a certain amount, and when the mouse leaves the window, known as “exit intent”, on a computer.)

Ideal Client

With Some Characteristics

3 Steps to Solve Problem

Without Drawback

Phone (Optional)
Learn How

Sample Lead Magnet

Here’s a sample of the lead magnet you can offer your visitors. Of course, you’ll want to edit this and flush it out, but this will give you a framework to get started.

Important Benefit for Ideal Client

Enjoy Important Benefit by Solving Important Problem if you have characteristic. Solving Important Problem is hard. You may have tried Traditional Method. But this leads to Traditional Method Drawback and Implication. Here’s a Unique Approach that produces good results.
  • First Step [add details as needed]
  • Second Step [add details as needed]
  • Third Step [add details as needed]
  • Add more steps, as needed…
With our Unique Approach, you get Benefit without Traditional Method Drawback.

About Me

[image] Why I started doing this, because of some deeper reason. Bio Fun Fact.

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