Fill in the Blank Consulting Hero Proposal Template

Everything you need to create and close a compelling proposal

Most consultants don’t really send proposals.

They send a brochure with a quote attached, and then wonder why the prospect only seems interested in the price.

This template lets you tell the story of your prospect (client-to-be) overcoming the obstacle with your help.

It includes:

  • The proper way to structure the situation summary to make the rest of the proposal flow.
  • The critical ingredient most people leave out of the situation summary.
  • How to structure the solution description and the pricing.
  • How to offer different options in one proposal.
  • Human-readable terms and conditions so you don’t need a separate contract that a lawyer would need to review.
  • How to end the proposal and invite action.
  • An example of using video in a proposal (useful for online proposals).



fill in the blank consulting proposal template

A great proposal is a story,
not a brochure.

Use this template to make it easy to fill in the story.

Using this template, small business owners have in some cases doubled or even tripled their close rates, without miraculously developing sales super powers. (It just seems like they did.)