Mimiran helps solo consultants sell faster and more profitably by streamlining the sales process, converting more visitors into leads, more leads into conversations, and more conversations into e-signed proposals.

Hi, I’m Reuben

Reuben Swartz

I’m a software engineer by training, a consultant by background (helping firms from startups to Global 100 firms sell more profitably) and a sales rep by necessity. When I wrote proposals, I hated that I never knew if and when prospects had read them. After developing quoting solutions for enterprise customers, sales reps remarked that accurate pricing was great, but the real time sink was turning those quotes into proposals. You might think the light bulb would have gone off then, but it didn’t.

Later, a prospect asked for a proposal. After opening up my Word and Excel templates and drawing a deep breath, I realized that if I moved the entire proposal process online, not only could I automate the process of creating the proposal, but I could know when the prospect was reading it. The light bulb finally went off.  Version 0.1 of Mimiran was pretty basic, but it had content, automatically incorporated customer, product, and pricing information, and sent a notification when my prospect was reading it.

When I got that notification email, I logged into Mimiran, and saw my prospect read each section of the proposal. Then I called him.

“I’m so glad you called, I was just reading your proposal.” This was already far better than the old email-and-wait method.

“What do you think?”

“It looks really good. You hit the main points. I just have one question. Can you specify how many customers get called?” (It was a competitive intelligence proposal.)

“It depends, usually 3-5.”

“Can you just say 3 or more? That would be fine.”


“Great, send me the next version whenever it’s ready.”

“Go back to the timeline section, and you’ll see it’s already updated.”

“Wow–that’s pretty cool. I just click Accept?”

“Yes, and we’ll get started.”

This is a better way to do proposals.

Later, my customers and I realized we could do something similar for lead generation. Most services websites seem like they are actively trying to turn away visitors. (“No more leads for us, thanks, our pipeline is far too full. It’s all feast, feast, feast, with no famine,” you would think.) So we extended the core Mimiran technology to the web, so you can create lead magnets really easily, and start getting more business, and more reasons to write proposals.

But what about people you already know? They could be clients, partners, or prospects, or just awesome people that you don’t talk to as often as you’d like. I had complained about this problem to some friends and customers and realized a lot of people had the same problem. So I extended Mimiran to make it really easy to stay in touch with the people who matter in your world on a regular basis. (And I designed it to force me into actual conversations, so I couldn’t wimp out and just send a quick email, which is what I used to do.) Not only does this lead to more direct business and referral business, my life is richer in intangible ways, because my social fabric is stronger and more interesting.

ABA-2015-Winner-Logo-CMYKI’m not the only one who likes it. The Austin Chamber of Commerce gave Mimiran the award for Small Business Innovation and Technology.

If you’d like to try it, get your invitation.

Sounds good, but not sure where to start?

I'm happy to help. Just grab some time on my calendar to see if Mimiran can help you get more sales with less selling.