For million little things besides conversations you need to handle.

Stay Organized, Not Stressed

Define Tasks for when you apply a Tag to a Contact.
(And capture ad-hoc Tasks, too.)
Mimiran CRM Client Tag Tasks
Mimiran CRM Task Details with User

Assign certain tasks to your VA

  • Assign tasks to your VA, web developer, etc.
  • Create new documents from a template with a few clicks

See Open (and Completed Tasks)

  • Don’t forget about commitments
  • Or feel stressed about keeping track of them
Mimiran CRM Contact Tasks
Mimiran CRM Task Report

Track Progress

  • See how you’re doing week-to-week in each task category.

All your Tasks in one place

  • Search and filter
  • Block off time on your calendar to make sure tasks get done
Mimiran CRM Task List with Category and Calendar Link
Ready to get organized?