Sample Proposal Templates and Lead Magnets

Sample Proposal Templates

Take some of the stress out of your next proposal with these proven templates.

Fill-in-the-Blank Proposal Template

General purpose storytelling proposal template. If you’re not sure where to start with proposals, start here.

YCombinator Sales Agreement Proposal

An online implementation of startup incubator YCombinator’s sales agreement document.

Star Wars Death Star Proposal

Software Integration Proposal

Need to do a software integration project? Here’s a proposal template.

Lead Magnets

Examples of how you can use Lead Magnets to convert visitors to leads.

Sales Pipeline Planner

Great for firms that help their clients improve sales and marketing results.

22 Consulting Lead Magnet Ideas

Get this “meta” lead magnet for ideas for lead magnets to put your site. (Are there similar lists you could use for your ideal clients?)

"Mad-Libs" Content Generator

Answer some simple questions and get the outline of a sales page and call to action.

2018 Pipeline Planning

Sales Pipeline Planner

If you help your clients improve sales results, this can help demonstrate the value and opportunity of your work.

12 Secrets of Successful Sales Conversations

Some useful tips for your sales conversations, but also consider how you could offer something like this to your visitors.

15 Questions to Ask Before You Send a Proposal

Another checklist-style lead magnet.