Mimiran as a Salesforce alternative

Mimiran as a Salesforce CRM alternative

Choose the right CRM for you

Salesforce is the 800 pound gorilla of the CRM market, with billions in revenue, a stellar portfolio of customers, big marketing budgets, and huge user conferences.

The company is synonymous with the term CRM (Salesforce’s stock symbol is, in fact, “CRM”.)

But Salesforce isn’t for everyone. (And neither is Mimiran.)

Is either of these systems right for you?


Where Salesforce Excels

  • Large sales teams (250+)
  • Complex requirements and extensive customization
  • Integration of other enterprise applications via the AppStore, including solutions beyond sales and marketing

Where Mimiran Excels

  • No sales team– just you (and maybe a partner and/or a virtual assistant)
  • Need for conversations with prospects and customized proposals
  • Lead generation, business development, and proposals all in one system

Look Elsewhere If…

  • You have a smaller sales team and don’t require the full power of Salesforce (consider a simpler traditional CRM)
  • You don’t need to speak to prospects or partners (consider a marketing automation system)


Mimiran as a HubSpot CRM alternative

Core CRM

Automatically set Next Conversation Date

Based on contact Tags, with manual override available.

Manually set next task date. If you forget, the contact falls in the abyss.


Call Mode to keep you focused on conversations, not database management. (Calls through your mobile phone, Skype, or other VOIP service.)

Native or 3rd party add-ons available.

Prospect activity notification

Dead simple. See who has interacted with Lead Magnets and Proposals, when.

Rules-based Lead Scoring (requires professional edition or above.)

How do you define a person?

Contact records represent people.

Leads represent people and early opportunities. A “converted” lead becomes a contact (person) and an opportunity.

Is this more complicated? Yes.


Peer Conversation Leaderboard lets you connect with peers in other accounts.

Leaderboards focus on internal competition within the sales team.

Referral Tracking

Track who referred whom. And how much business you get from referral partners.

Requires customization.


Built-in reports including:


Web leads

Overdue conversations

Proposals status

Complex, customizable reporting for enterprise-level dashboards.

Additional customizations and plug-in apps available.


Full access to the app on mobile browsers, including Call Mode.

Mobile app and ability to produce custom mobile app.

Lead Generation

Lead Capture Forms

Dead simple. See who has interacted with Lead Magnets and Proposals, when.

Rules-based Lead Scoring (requires professional edition or above.)

Call to Action Buttons displayed instead of form on page

Behavioral prompts for form (time on page, scrolling, exit intent)

Online Lead Magnets

Proposals and E-Signature

Proposal templates, offering catalogs

Complex Pricebooks

Proposals with multiple options, embedded video, e-signature

Requires 3rd party applications.

View notifications for when prospects read your proposals, contracts, NDAs, etc.

Requires 3rd party applications.


Support and success

Free customized setup for paid customers.

Paid training and customization.

Price for you, a partner, and a virtual assistant

$49/99/249 month or


See simple pricing.

No monthly plan

Call for real pricing, but start at $2,700/year + lead capture software + proposal software + calling software



Salesforce hired U2 to play their Dreamforce user conference in 2016.

Complexity and power

When you need something simple and reliable.

When you need the most power and customization possible.

"Mimiran is the most effective CRM I’ve ever used! It’s amazingly powerful, but still simple."