CRM for Independent Consultants that’s fun

CRM that's fun?!?

Have Great Conversations

  • Spend more time connecting with people
  • Spend less time stressing about business development 
  • Talk without pressure
  • Enjoy business development
Mimiran CRM start call mode
"I'm freaking loving Mimiran. It's great. It's making working on biz dev fun and very efficient."
"Mimiran is the most effective CRM I’ve ever used! It’s amazingly powerful, but still simple."

Create Great Habits

  • Nurture your network, without pressure
  • Create a schedule to connect with prospects, partners, clients, and more
Need a "Fill in the Blank" Hero Consulting Proposal Template?

Let the computer remember for you

  • Set Next Conversation Dates automatically
  • See (and search) notes at a glance
  • Search notes for a contact, or across all conversations 
  • Paste call or Zoom transcripts
  • Search your notes while you write proposals
Mimiran Referrals Report

Track Referrals (and get more)

  • Know who your critical partners are at a glance.
  • See who referred a contact to you (and who a given contact has referred)
Ready to grow beyond feast and famine?