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Get the Big Picture

Stay on top of your sales funnel, and feel like you're a VP of Sales, without having to be a VP of Sales.

Win Loss Analysis

See How Your Online Marketing Really Works

Don’t just measure traffic.

Measure the revenue you get from that traffic.

With Mimiran’s patent-pending technology, you can track deal revenue back to Google and Facebook, so you can optimize your SEO, SEM, Social Media and other online campaigns.

Mimiran Lets You Track Offline Deals In Google Analytics

(Here’s Google Analytics showing commerce results for proposal-based deals. Now you can optimize your campaigns like an e-commerce company.)

See How Your Offline Marketing Really Works, Too...

Why should it be so hard to track referral revenue?

Referrals Report in Mimiran CRM

One Dashboard

Know which deals need attention, which people you need to call, which Lead Magnets are converting, and more. All from one screen.

Stay Connected to the People Who Matter

Stay in touch with your network. Just tag your contacts and Mimiran tells you when to reconnect. Log your conversation, and Mimiran automatically updates the date for the next one.

Start getting more sales with less selling. (Have a friendly sales robot do the grunt work for you.)