The simple CRM for consultants who want to double their business but hate "selling".

  • Make your website a lead generation engine.

  • Get more sales conversations.

  • Close more clients with automated proposals and e-signature.


You do what you love, and Mimiran helps you automate the rest.

Why struggle with Salesforce or spreadsheets or with a bunch of systems cobbled together for lead gen, CRM, proposals, and e-signatures?

Get More Clients Guide

More Sales, Less "Selling"

If you love helping your clients and want to grow your practice but hate the actual "sales" part of your business, Mimiran is the CRM for you. Mimiran automates key parts of the sales process, helping you convert more visitors to leads, leads to conversations, and conversations to e-signed deals. So you can thrive by being awesome at what you do, not by being a sales genius.

"I went to a lot of trouble to get into the top 3 Google results, but my webpage wasn't getting me leads. I signed up for Mimiran, and BOOM!, I've got a steady flow of high quality leads."
"Mimiran revolutionized my world and has helped me grow my business with really professional-looking proposals. I love the speed, efficiency, and the way I look to my clients. My clients also appreciate the convenience of signing online and starting right away.”

One Simple System Replaces a Collection of Tools

Sure, you can take a complex tool like and add even more tools to handle lead generation, calling, proposals, and e-signature. 

Or, you can just use Mimiran, designed specifically for people who are awesome at serving clients but don’t consider themselves natural sales people.

Get More Leads

Trying to grow beyond feast-or-famine, and faster than word-of-mouth?

Combine your expertise with Mimiran to generate a steady flow of leads from your website and your network.

Have More Conversations

You need to talk to your prospects to understand their problems and create solutions. But getting conversations with prospects is hard and time-consuming. See how Mimiran makes it easier, so you can have more sales conversations without feeling like you’re selling.

Get More Clients

When you have a great conversation with a prospect, Mimiran makes it easy to turn that prospect into a client with automated, electronic proposals with e-signature and more. A whole new way to think about proposals can help you increase your close rate (in some cases doubling or tripling it), while reducing stress.

Grow Your Practice

Understand the big picture.

See the state of all your proposals at a glance. Stay connected to your network. Tie your online marketing to revenue, not traffic. And much more.