Fun, Simple "anti-CRM"
for Solo Consultants

Follow-up and stay organized without being "sales-y"

Outgrown your sales spreadsheet?

Traditional CRMs are for the VP of Sales to keep track of the sales team, not for consultants to create and nurture relationships in their “spare” time.

Mimiran gives you more of what you need, less of what you don’t.

Not for the VP of Sales.
For you, who loves serving clients, not "selling

Mimiran CRM for solo consultants dashboard mobile

Key Features

Get Started in Minutes

Traditional CRMs are like the Space Shuttle. 

With Mimiran, it’s like riding a bike.

  • Import contacts and start connecting right away.
  • Proven templates for Lead Magnets, Proposals, and more.
  • Simple, intuitive application.
  • Concierge onboarding available.
Mimiran CRM easy start

What if I'm not solo? Or a consultant?

Mimiran works great for solo professional services firms (consultants, coaches, fractional, web designers, copywriters, etc), where you have conversations with prospects to diagnose issues and proscribe solutions. If you have a VA or a partner, it's still a great fit. If you have a sales team, you'll want a traditional CRM. If you're a lawyer or realtor, you'll probably want to use an industry-specific tool.

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