Fun, anti-CRM for solo consultants

Fun, Simple "anti-CRM" for Solo Consultants

"It's a great system. The first CRM I don't dread and avoid adding information into!"
MJ Ross
MJ Ross
Principal, MJ Executive Consulting

Win clients and stay organized without being “sales-y”

Outgrown your sales spreadsheet?

Hate struggling with tools meant for big sales teams?

Mimiran gives you:

  • Simple CRM
  • Online Lead Generation
  • Proposal Automation

More of what you need, less of what you don’t.

Mimiran CRM for solo consultants dashboard mobile
"Mimiran is jaw-droppingly amazing. The user interface is intuitive. I am so happy I found Mimiran. I only wish I had found it sooner as it would helped me launch a month or two sooner, with the positioning tool and lead magnets helping me focus on my ideal client. Plus, Mimiran gives me a sales process instead of having to design my own. Working with Mimiran is wonderful. As a small business, they truly care about building relationships and client satisfaction."
"I highly recommend Mimiran for independent consultants. It's helped me get organized about connecting with people, and I love knowing when prospects read my proposals, and being able to include a link to the invoice right in the proposal."

Get Started in Minutes

Traditional CRMs are like the Space Shuttle. With Mimiran, it’s like riding a bike.

  • Import contacts and start connecting right away.
  • Use proven templates for Lead Magnets, Proposals, and more.
  • Simple, intuitive application.
  • Concierge onboarding.
"Mimiran is the most effective CRM I’ve ever used! It’s amazingly powerful, but still simple."
Mimiran CRM easy start
Mimiran Lead Capture Forms

Get More Leads

Don’t passively wait for referrals.

  • Track referrals (and referral business) 
  • Get more referral leads
  • Offer compelling Lead Magnets
  • Track conversion of visitors to leads, conversations, and revenue.
  • Know if and when prospects engage with your content.
  • Include video and interactive forms
  • Mobile-friendly, unlike PDF lead magnets
"I went to a lot of trouble to get into the top 3 Google results, but my webpage wasn't getting me leads. I signed up for Mimiran, and BOOM!, I've got a steady flow of high quality leads."

Better Relationships, Less Stress

Focus on the clients, partners, prospects, and other wonderful people in your world– not your tools.

  • Organize contacts with Tags and let Mimiran remember your next conversation due dates.
  • Block off time in your calendar every week for business development.
  • Use Call Mode to stay in touch with your network.
  • Search notes for one contact, or across all your conversations.
"I’d rather focus on my business and clients than on learning how to use an elaborate CRM! Contacts and Tags and are my favorite parts. I’ve noticed that far more time passes between conversations than I realize, and Mimiran is changing that. I create contact tags that make sense to me and my process and set follow-up periods for each so that when it’s time to check in with someone, I can do that without overthinking it. I make a quick note of the conversation and Mimiran will tell me when it’s time to reach out again. I’m much better connected with my people than I was a year ago! "
Mimiran CRM Call Mode
"I'm freaking loving Mimiran. It's great. It's making working on biz dev fun and very efficient."
Mimiran CRM proposal with quotes and notes
"Mimiran has been a great application to help me not only set and keep goals for contacting people in my network but to also share and collaborate on documents. The synergy between the two activities of contacting people and sharing documents is something I have been missing."

Automate Proposals

Create, collaborate, and close deals with less stress.

  • Create proposals from templates in minutes.
  • Search your notes while creating the proposal
  • Offer multiple options in one proposal
  • Embed video
  • Know when prospects read your proposal
  • E-signature built-in
  • Keep track of all your proposals, NDAs, etc, in one place
"Mimiran revolutionized my world and has helped me DOUBLE my business with really professional-looking proposals. I love the speed, efficiency, and the way I look to my clients. My clients also appreciate the convenience of signing online and starting right away.”
"Mimiran is amazing, I use it to close clients with online contracts and e-signature. Totally love it!"

Solo, but Not Alone

Connect with peers and share how many conversations you’re having for additional social motivation.

Nail Your Positioning

You’re not just on the clock, you’re on a mission. Mimiran is the only CRM that helps you hone your mission and positioning to make sales and marketing easier.

Use that positioning to craft compelling Lead Magnets, conversation starters, and more.

Plus, pick your Super Hero name and tell your Origin Story (super heroes don’t have bios.)

"I'm ahead of the game with my subscription to Mimiran CRM! The features and functionality of this "more than a CRM" software has really jump started my planning in a concrete and meaningful way. From planning my outreach, to updating pricing, proposal templates and other essential elements of my business, Mimiran has got me covered."

One Simple System Replaces a Collection of Tools

Designed by and for busy professional services people 

"Mimiran is more than just a CRM. It's actually a Swiss army knife of useful tools, like lead magnets, a peer dashboard and other features that helps keep me accountable as a solo "sales person" who is also doing a million other things."

What if I'm not solo? Or a consultant?

Mimiran works great for small professional services firms (consultants, coaches, lawyers, etc), where you have to have conversations with prospects. It's not for ecommerce businesses, simple product business, or larger firms.

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