Proposal Automation & E-Signature

Proposal Automation & E-Signature

Manage Proposals, Contracts, NDAs, and more

No more hunting for the latest template or wondering if your prospect has read your proposal.
Mimiran CRM proposal quotes with notes search

Templates at your fingertips

Mimiran Proposal Document Templates
  • Create a template for common documents
  • Create new documents from a template with a few clicks
Need a "Fill in the Blank" Hero Consulting Proposal Template?

Create Personalized Proposals- In Minutes

  • Live-search conversation notes
  • Merge fields automatically populate 
  • Embed personalized video
  • Offer one or more “quotes” within the proposal that the prospect can select
Mimiran Proposal Merge Fields

Know What's Happening with Your Documents

Mimiran-Proposal Notification and Status

No More Searching through Email (or Guessing)

  • Get notified when prospects read your documents (so you can reach out at the right time, and even make adjustments during the conversation)
  • See status at a glance
  • Set expiration dates to make sure you can meet project deadlines

Go Beyond Boring

PDF proposals look nice when you print them, but with Mimiran...

  • Embed video
  • Mobile-friendly
  • E-Signature on any device
  • Optional export to PDF
Ready for proposals to be fun (and effective)?