Flawless Follow-up

The Fortune is in the (Flawless) Follow-up

Have Conversations, Have Fun

Nurture relationships.
Be like a doctor, not a used car salesman.
If it’s fun, you’ll actually do it.
Mimiran CRM Client Tag Tasks

Every Contact has a Next Conversation Date

  • Tags automatically update with reasonable defaults
  • You can set manually
  • Default is “keep talking with this person”, not “this person disappears” like in most CRMs
  • Block off recurring time in your calendar for follow-up
Mimiran Call Mode Calendar
Mimiran CRM start call mode

Click "Start Call Mode"

  • Flip through Contacts due for conversations
  • No extra clicks or stress
  • Add conversation notes, Zoom transcripts, etc.

See Notes from Past Conversations

  • Pick up where you left off
  • Stay organized and don’t feel like you have to remember everything
Mimiran Conversation Notes

Quick Recap

  1. Click the Calendar button in Mimiran
  2. Customize your recurring follow-up appointments(s)
  3. When you get the calendar alert, click the link to jump into Mimiran and click Start Call Mode
  4. Click to call. Add notes. Click Save to move to next Contact. (You can override the Next Conversation Date if you want.)
Mimiran Call Mode
Mimiran Peer Conversation Leaderboard

Solo, but Not Alone

Connect with other users to create your own personalize “Conversation Leaderboard” for some extra encouragement

Ready to make follow-up a breeze?