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Get More Leads

Turn Your Website into a Lead Engine

Mimiran turns your site into a lead generation engine. Tired of the unpredictable nature of referrals? Mimiran helps you use your expertise to turn more visitors into leads.

Mobile-Friendly Lead Capture Buttons
"I went to a lot of trouble to get into the top 3 Google results, but my webpage wasn't getting me leads. I signed up for Mimiran, and BOOM!, I've got a steady flow of high quality leads."
Bob Davis
Owner, Simple Sales Strategies
Ready to grow beyond feast and famine?

The Traditional Way

Add forms to your website that most visitors mentally ignore. Offer some type of PDF download. If you're not near a phone when the leads comes in, you'll probably never talk to them. Wait for more referrals. (If you've tried using ads to drive traffic, you probably found that you spent a lot of money for few leads.)

A Better Way to Turn Visitors into Leads

Put a button your page(s) instead of a form. Use your expertise to create an enticing "Lead Magnet" that helps your ideal prospect solve a critical problem. Because the Lead Magnet is online, Mimiran tells you whenever a prospect is reading your content, so you have more chances to connect. Plus, Mimiran shows you where they are, so you can prequalify leads. With an effective way to convert traffic, your online campaigns become more effective, and your offline referrals, who are going to check out your site, also convert more often.

How does it work?

Create a "Lead Magnet"

Don't market-- teach your ideal clients.

  • Start from templates or your own content.
  • Create simple checklists or more complex forms, even dynamic forms like ROI calculators.
  • Looks good on any device.
Mimiran Lead Magnet Form

Integrate with Your Website in Seconds

"Lead Capture Widgets" let visitors request your Lead Magnets.

  • Mimiran makes it easy to create the right style for your site.
  • Add optional behaviors to improve conversion, like popping up after a certain time on the page, scrolling, or when leaving the page.
  • Customize colors, sizes, what fields you need, your response, and more.
Edit Lead Capture Widget

Add To Your Website with a Simple Copy and Paste

  • Make the button appear where you want. 
  • You can even include it in WordPress sidebars and widgets.
  • You can see how your lead capture efforts perform.
Add Lead Capture Widget to Website

Track Performance

  • Know when prospects read your content, so you can call at the right time.
  • Know which pages lead to revenue.
  • Know which referral sources lead to revenue.
  • Track revenue events back to Google and Facebook campaigns.
Mimiran Lead Referring Pages

Create Compelling Lead Magnets

Not sure what you should offer as a Lead Magnet? Start with one of the built-in examples, and customize for your business. (Or, check out the "Mad Libs" marketing message generator, or grab the list of Lead Magnet concepts from the Sample Lead Magnets menu. Or, just have Mimiran Support create one for you.)

Get Visitors Attention

You know something about the visitor's needs just by knowing the page. Craft a compelling offer with a friendly button to click. Or, attract attention after the visitor has been on the page for a certain time, or scrolled a certain way, or when they leave the page.​

Mobile Friendly

Convert visitors to leads on any device. Mimiran is mobile-friendly and Google-friendly, with no delay in your page load.

Advanced ROI Calculators

Go beyond the traditional ROI calculators. Mimiran saves the values so you can qualify and collaborate with prospects.

Mimiran ROI Calculator
Want to grow faster than word-of-mouth?