Get More Conversations

You Need to Talk to Prospects to Turn Them into Clients...

But you don't have time for a full-court sales press. Mimiran gets you more conversations, with less stress. Plus, Mimiran makes it easier to stay connected to the people you already know.

The Traditional Way

You get notified of a new lead. You don't have a good way to qualify the lead. If you can, you try to call, but you probably didn't respond in time. The lead goes away.

Your Chance of Getting a Conversation

1 X
1 hour vs 2 Hours

Waiting an extra hour decreases your chance of having a conversation with a web leads 7 times.1

1 X
1 Hour Vs 24 Hours

Waiting a whole day is almost fatal to your lead generation efforts.1

1 %
Buy From 1st Responder

Is it you? 2

1 %
Online Leads Wasted

By slow response. 3

1 Harvard Business Review, The Short Life of Online Sales Leads, by James B. Oldroyd, Kristina McElheran and David Elkington

2 Various sources put this number between 35% and 78%. Regardless of the exact number for your market, getting there first is important. You can often save a prospect from even having to look for alternatives. If they do, you have defined the terms of the solution.

Forbes, Why Companies Waste 71% Of Internet Leads, by Ken Krogue

A Better Way to Turn Leads into Conversations

Sell as Effectively as a Big Sales Team

Without actually "selling", and without taking your eye off your client work.

Ask for Less, Get More

Asking for less information on your site increases your conversion rates. But how do you pre-qualify (or disqualify) leads? With Mimiran's lead notifications, you not only see the information the prospect filled in, you see where they are on a map. Between their email address and their location, you can have an idea if they might be a fit (and you can often find a LinkedIn profile).

Get More Chances to Make Contact

Unlike ecommerce lead technologies that are designed for 100% automated businesses, Mimiran helps you focus on a smaller number of higher value leads. Unlike traditional PDF Lead Magnets, Mimiran tells you not only when you have a new lead, but when a lead re-engages with your Lead Magnet, so you can get another "at bat" to make contact, so can reset the clock on the dismal contact numbers above.

Know What to Say, Without Being Salesy

Call script templates can help you get started. Don't worry, these aren't sales scripts-- they are about helping people, so you can act naturally and qualify leads, or refer them to a better solution.

You Can Automate, Too

Automatically add leads to a MailChimp list or GoToWebinar event for more chances to create a real conversation.

Ready to talk to more prospects?

Call Mode.
Make calls fun again.

Call Mode makes it easy to stay in touch with the people who matter.

Whether it’s your top prospect or a former colleague, you spend time on the conversations, not wasting time figuring out who to call next.

Mimiran Call Mode

A Smarter Way to Have Conversations

Tagging Contacts in Mimiran
Tag contacts. 1. Assign a conversation frequency to each tag. 2. Mimiran shows you how many contacts have this tag. 3. You can see how many calls you need to make to stay in touch at this rate.

Who Should I Talk to Next?

Mimiran makes it easy to stay in touch with prospects, partners, and other people who matter. When you have a conversation, Mimiran assigns a next conversation date based on the attributes of the contact. (You can always manually adjust this date.) You can easily see who you need to call or meet with next. (Or who is overdue for a conversation.)

Who Said What, Again?

You just read a great article that would apply to some of your clients and prospects. But which ones? Search across your conversations to find out easily.

What Is Your Market Telling You?

Which problems and issues come up frequently? What patterns are define your ideal prospects? Searching your conversation notes can tell you more about how to hone your message and attract the right clients.

Use the Right Words in Your Proposals

You can live search your conversation notes while editing proposals, so it's easy to drop in exactly the right description of the client's problem, solution, etc.

Want to grow faster than word-of-mouth?