Positioning, Mission, Story for Independent Consultants

Positioning, Mission, and Origin Story

Unlock your potential and make everything else easier.

Mimiran CRM positioning attributes

Positioning is your superpower

You don’t have a VP of Sales to hand it to you… you get to decide it.

  • Get clear on your perfect client
  • Show how you’re different
  • Makes the rest of sales and marketing easy 
Mimiran is the CRM that fits the way I work. The mission page itself is worth half a year of the software. 😍 I'm enjoying feeling in control of my relationships and having complete clarity on next steps.

Nail your niche, attract ideal clients

(And stop wasting time with the wrong people.)

Mimiran Positioning tool for independent consultants
  • Get content for your elevator pitch, web site, LinkedIn profile, and more.
  • Click and edit attributes of your clients, differentiation points, and more.
  • Use consistent language everywhere
"Mimiran is jaw-droppingly amazing. The user interface is intuitive. I am so happy I found Mimiran. I only wish I had found it sooner as it would helped me launch a month or two sooner, with the positioning tool and lead magnets helping me focus on my ideal client. Plus, Mimiran gives me a sales process instead of having to design my own. Working with Mimiran is wonderful. As a small business, they truly care about building relationships and client satisfaction."

Share Your Story

Pick your Superhero Name: don’t be “a something”, be “the someone”

Superheroes don’t have bios or resumes. They have origin stories. Share your “why?”

Need more help?

Use Mimiran’s Call Mode feature to efficiently contact past clients, who may have the right words to describe what they bought from you, even if you’re struggling to find the words to describe what you sold.

Share draft positioning with peers, coaches, or mentors for feedback.

Ready to attract your ideal clients to your mission?