Your Consulting Website Has 1 Job

Mimiran CRM-- consulting lead magnets to convert visitors to leads to conversations

To get you leads.

That’s it.

Everything else is just for fun. (A polite way of saying “vanity metrics” or “waste of time”.)

Even if you don’t get any leads directly from your consulting website (often a self-fulfilling prophecy), people will check out your site when someone introduces you. Your site can affirm that you are someone they want to talk to, or it can push them away.

Ideally, your site also generates leads directly.l

But just getting a “lead”, by which people often mean an email address, is just the beginning, not the end.

Because consulting is a relationship business. And relationship businesses are conversation businesses.

So you want to convert visitors to leads, and then leads into conversations.

See more on how Mimiran helps with this process and join a webinar on Effective Consulting Lead Magnets on 5/9.

And if you’re already on board with this strategy, and just need some ideas for good lead magnets, you can get a list of over 2 dozen consulting lead magnet concepts here.

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