Monthly Archives: January 2006

Rude Restaurant Bartenders– It’s About Fencing

Here’s a timely article that makes a good example for our Good Fences Make Good Prices post. about why restaurants offer food service at the bar, and why the level of customer service there may be very different from the … Read More

The Paradox of Choice

I recently read a great book by Barry Schwartz called The Paradox of Choice, Why More Is Less, which discusses why Americans have every-increasing choice and material plenty along with increasing rates of depression and dissatisfaction. His basic thesis is … Read More

Metreo “Hits Wall”, Assets to Be Liquidated

Metreo, former darling of the venture capital community, will be liquidated by creditors this week after failing to make debt payments. The MSNBC report illustrates the danger of plotting growth curves for very small companies: The company had reported revenue … Read More

How Much for That Aisle Seat?

Airline industry analyst Terry Trippler predicts we’ll see surcharges for assigned seats and aisle seats by the end of the year. Airlines have already started charging for “meals” that make the mediocre, overpriced airport fare seem like a good deal. … Read More

Good Fences Make … Good Prices

Slate had an interesting article today about why Starbucks doesn’t advertise its “Short” size. Basically, they create a fence that makes it harder to order the smaller, less profitable (but tastier) drink. As an aside, when Starbucks began, they had … Read More