Monthly Archives: June 2006

Virgin, BA Tussle as Price Fixing Probe Eyes Airline Fuel Charges

According to the Daily Mail, the current price-fixing probe into fuel surcharges on lucrative transatlantic routes started on a tip from Virgin Airlines, who alerted authorities about attempts by British Airways to bring them into a illegal pricing agreement. BA … Read More

Another Way Not to Price Software

We’ve commented several times on the problems confronting software vendors who have historically priced their products on a per-CPU basis (see posts on Oracle and BEA), as technology has made the very concept of the CPU rather ambiguous. Now the … Read More

Interesting Time-based Promotion

There are two games each evening during the World Cup (at least in Europe– the rest of the world enjoys less prime-time friendly slots). Unfortunately for pubs, there is a gap of about an hour and a half between the … Read More

Theme Parks Split on Summer Pricing

With summer here, theme parks and other youth-oriented businesses have 3 months to make hay. (Technically, hay gets made in the fall, but it’s a small discrepancy.) CNN reports that Cedar Point amusement parks has dropped admission prices and many … Read More