Monthly Archives: December 2012

Economic Theory vs Human Nature III: 3 Sales Tips

In earlier posts in this series, we looked at why human nature causes you to underprice your proposals and favor sins of omission over sins of commission, even against our own economic interests. Now we’ll look at some strategies for … Read More

Happy Hanukkah: Mimiran now supports Hebrew and Sheqel

Sheqel currency is available under Admin > Account > Account Settings. You can type in Hebrew, although you’ll probably want to adjust the proposal text to be right justified– the app isn’t smart enough to do that for you.

How (Not) to Discuss Value in Your Sales Proposals

I’ve been discussing how psychology influences “rational” decision making, based on Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. (See Why You’re Underpricing Your Proposals and Selling Results and Regret.) Up today, another concept from Kahneman: The evaluability hypothesis. This means … Read More