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making it hard to talk to prospects-- how to avoid sales conversations

Off to See the Wizard: Do you hate talking to prospects?

When prospects visit your site and ask you to engage with them, do you make it hard? Do you act like you hate talking to prospects? (If you haven’t seen it, yet, you may want to check the last post … Read More

Elon Musk-- master of business and business writing

The Tesla Master Plan and Business Writing

Business writing tends to be sloppy, crappy, and confusing. Have you noticed that some people don’t have time for that, because they are in a hurry to change the world’s transportation and energy infrastructure, while also going to Mars? Elon … Read More

Modern Services Website Makes it Hard to Buy

Does Your Website Keep Buyers Away?

Although we all want to sell more easily, sometimes our website keeps buyers away, acting more like a fortress than a marketplace. Are you making it hard for your customers to buy by keeping prospects away? No, you might insist, … Read More

Bob's Discount Heart Surgery Price Competition

Price Competition How to Avoid It and How to Win It

Price competition can seem scary, but many of the wounds are self-inflicted. While that sounds discouraging, it’s actually good, because it means you can take control of them, avoid them, and win deals at better price points. Pricing is the … Read More