Monthly Archives: September 2006

Samsung Exec Gets Jail Time for Price Fixing

A former vice president of marketing for the U.S. division of Samsung will do jail time and pay a fine after a plea deal in a long-running price-fixing case in the semiconductor industry. While setting prices in a smoky backroom … Read More

The Blog Post that May Cost Dell Millions

No, not this post you’re reading here. This post, over at Joel on Software, which thousands of techies read. Joel complains about the way Dell’s site forces users to select which segment they belong to (Home, Education, Small Business, etc). … Read More

Toilet Paper for the Rich– You Can Always Make an Everday Item a Luxury Item

If people will pay $4 for coffee, why not $5 for toilet paper? (Actually, I can think of plenty of sensible reasons why not, but what fun would that be?) I think they should introduce another line with silver and … Read More