Samsung Exec Gets Jail Time for Price Fixing

A former vice president of marketing for the U.S. division of Samsung will do jail time and pay a fine after a plea deal in a long-running price-fixing case in the semiconductor industry. While setting prices in a smoky backroom is illegal and wrong, the case may have an unfortunate impact on legitimate pricing activities. Corporate lawyers, rightly paid to be conservative, will be more restrictive than ever, trying to keep execs out of jail. While this blog does not constitute legal advice, be prepared to walk your lawyers through pricing plans to make sure you have legal approval, and don’t be deterred by an initial veto. There is a world of difference (and a solid legal line) between price collusion and intelligent pricing which protects profits and avoids price wars.

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    This is a very bad news. Though it is good that they placed justice on those people involved.

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