Monthly Archives: November 2007

Give Their Pricing Team a Bonus

Scotland recently paid £125,000 (over $250,000) to advertising firm The Leith Agency to come up with a new slogan to welcome visitors to Scotland. The old phrase “Scotland, the Best Small Country in the World” typified the “Scottish cringe” according … Read More

A Powerful Pricing Thought Experiment

Courtesy of Seth Godin, who asks you to think about real estate agents charging 6% of a transaction, and facing mounting price pressure. The challenge is… what if you had to charge 7%. What if you had to charge more … Read More

A Great Dilbert Comic

Today’s comic is great; it makes fun of pricing and consulting in the same strip.

Unbundling the food and the seat

No, we’re not talking about airlines, we’re talking about restaurants. People in Europe are used to this already, but as an American visiting the UK recently, it was slightly surprising to see different prices for food and drink consumed on … Read More

Pricing to minimize support costs

As a business traveler, I am aware of the $9.95 for 24 hours of internet access that many hotels levy (although I try to stay in hotels with bundled access). Also, I know London is expensive. But that still didn’t … Read More