healthcare pricing

Drug Pricing Changes Possible

It’s been a tough stretch for Big Pharma, which is getting a pricing beating from cheaper generic alternatives. Merck is offering big discounts on AIDS drug Efavirenz in Thailand, as Thailand considers producing generic versions of the patented medicine via … Read More

Greater Price Transparency Coming to Medicine

The Kaiser Network sponsored a webinar today called Ask the Experts, Price Transparency, about the drive to make the price of medical care more transparent to consumers. It’s an interesting discussion about something that is vitally important to our lives, … Read More

HealthSouth Latest to Feel Pricing Pinch

If there are any CFOs out there who don’t care about pricing, HealthSouth is another example of a major company whose results are very sensitive to pricing. Yes, they need to fix substantial operational issues, but they can probably figure … Read More

2 Articles on Drug Pricing

Forbes has a couple of interesting pieces on drug pricing. A Primer on Drug Pricing discusses the inherent inefficiencies of an industry driven by huge R&D costs but low marginal costs. The basic point is that the price that maximizes … Read More

SD Hospitals to Post Pricing for Procedures

In a small move that could have big consequences for healthcare pricing, South Dakota passed a law requiring hospitals to post pricing for their 25 most common procedures to a state website. The hospital must perform at least 10 of … Read More