Monthly Archives: July 2008

How to get customers to understand value

We get a lot of queries from companies who say “our product/service/gizmo is so much better than the competition’s, but our customers don’t perceive it. How do we get them to see the value?” It’s a great question. The “envelope” … Read More

Webinar: 4 Ways to Accelerate SaaS Revenue

Next week I’ll be the guest speaker as part of an interesting webinar on accelerating SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue. Customer segmentation and pricing are critical components to doing this successfully. Register, or read on for more information. 4 … Read More

You Don’t Have a Supply Problem, You Have a Pricing Problem

This is one of my favorite maxims for companies that say they can’t keep up with business. (Granted, it’s a great problem to have.) Seth Godin phrases it slightly differently, writing “scarcity is a choice” in a great post on … Read More

An Innovative Way to Sell $50 T-Shirts

Here’s an interesting pricing model for t-shirts. 200nipples (yes, even the name is, umm, remarkable) sells limited edition runs of 100 tshirts. The first shirt costs $1, the second $2, all the way up to $100. This has the nice … Read More

Experimental Economics: Finding Millions of Dollars in the Haystack

Wired recently ran a story on Experimental Economists, who model complex scenarios and attempt to optimize outcomes for large companies and government agencies. My reaction to the story was “wow– that’s what Mimiran does all the time, we just didn’t … Read More

The Psychology of Price Increases

In last week’s post How to Raise Prices, I referenced two interesting articles on techniques for raising prices, and also suggested using unbundling to differentiate between customers who want maximum value and customers who want minimum price. Today, let’s look … Read More