Webinar: 4 Ways to Accelerate SaaS Revenue

Next week I’ll be the guest speaker as part of an interesting webinar on accelerating SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue. Customer segmentation and pricing are critical components to doing this successfully.

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4 Ways to Accelerate SaaS Revenue

July 30, 2008, 2:00PM EDT

Software as a service (SaaS) is a brave new world. While offering customers reduced cost of ownership and less hassle, revenues grow more slowly than in traditional software markets, putting huge pressure on cash flow. In this webinar hosted by ZDNet’s Phil Wainewright with guest speaker Mimiran president Reuben Swartz you’ll learn why the traditional 3 ways to accelerate SaaS Revenue don’t work, and the 4th way that does.

To grow SaaS revenue, you have 3 options:

  1. Raise prices. Unfortunately, this is next to impossible in the current climate.
  2. Acquire more new customers. This is a key metric for software sales, but growing this number requires commensurate increases in sales and marketing expenditures that often don’t yield positive cash flow for some time.
  3. Improve customer retention. This sounds great, but how can you know when a customer will leave before they leave?

What if you could implement a 4th method that combined the other 3 methods, gave you better results than any of them individually, and was actually easier to do? How would this impact your ability to meet and even exceed your revenue targets?

Join us for this exclusive webinar with guest speaker Reuben Swartz, President of Mimiran to learn how you can use this method to increase your new customer acquisition, improve retention, and raise prices.

eVapt is the sponsor of this webinar as part of their continuing educational series on optimizing SaaS Revenue. eVapt VP of Sales Joe Tinnerello, an expert in software sales and SaaS business models, will chair the webinar. Mr. Tinnerello is also a contributor to the eVapt Blog.

Your webinar’s host Phil Wainewright is an influential commentator and strategist on emerging software industry trends, covering the SaaS space for 10 years (back then it was called “Application Service Provider”) and writes the prominent SaaS blog for ZDNet.

Guest speaker Reuben Swartz is president and founder of Mimiran, a leader in pricing strategy, process, and analytics. Reuben is the author of Dollars and Sense: The Pricing Blog.

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