Monthly Archives: March 2007

Supreme Court Looks at Pricing Agreements

The United States Supreme Court has taken on a case involving the legality of minimum pricing agreements. A small retailer in Texas cut prices on womens’ fashion accessories in response to similar discounting by competitors. The manufacturer threatened to cut … Read More

Common Pricing Question: If I discount, can I make it up in volume?

A lot of promotions, rebates, coupons, and other discounts offer the promise of “making it up in volume.” But how reliable is this promise? In many markets, particularly those with high price elasticity (no, not every market has high elasticity), … Read More

A Really Important Part of the Demand Curve

Josh Kopelman over at the Redeye VC blog has a great post (see image from post– click for larger image in original post) on the importance of the part of the demand curve when the price moves from “free” to … Read More

Upcoming Events

For those of you who are members of the Professional Pricing Society, we have a couple of upcoming events. First, on March 28 (this was originally March 29) we’ll be doing a webinar on Best Practices in Pricing Analytics and … Read More

The Price of a Good Night’s Sleep

How much would you pay to sleep well? For someone who sleeps like a log on a 10-year-old, $400 mattress, the answer is probably: not much. For people who don’t sleep well, or don’t get enough sleep, the answer can … Read More

How Far to Unbundle?

Unbundling offerings can be a great way to increase revenue by charging people for what they value. Hotels are experts at this. They offer a room at a relatively low rate, then charge $10 for breakfast, $9.95 for internet access, … Read More