LinkedIn Tagline Visibility Estimator

LinkedIn gives you 220 characters for your tagline, and if someone visits your profile, they will see all of those characters.

But when you post, comment, or reply to a comment, LinkedIn shows only some of those characters, especially on mobile devices. The exact amount of characters will depend the device screen size and font settings, LinkedIn algorithm updates, etc., but this tool will give you an estimate.

Just paste your LinkedIn tagline below, and see what viewers will likely see.

Here’s an estimate of what people will see in different scenarios.

Full Monitor:


Large Phone:


Small Phone:


Small Phone, Reply to Comment


Don’t Bury the Lede

So you may have an amazing tagline, just make sure that your front-load the good stuff, so that people will see what you want them to see, be intrigued, and click through to your profile, where they can get all the goodness and cleverness.

(And as someone mentioned when I was talking about this problem, you sometimes have to worry about where LinkedIn cuts you off. Think you’re being very clever talking about “cockroaches” in your tagline?)

More discussion on LinkedIn itself, here. Pay close attention to what happens to the taglines.

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