Monthly Archives: July 2012

Why Your Prospect Doesn’t Want to Read Your Proposals

You’ve just put a ton of time and energy into creating a proposal for a Very Important Prospect. You send it over (and if you use Mimiran to send your proposals, you’ll get notified when your prospect is reading it, … Read More

small business owner selling

Small Business Owners Think They Suck at Sales, but They’re Wrong

Like many people who started a business based on their area of expertise, I had no idea how to actually run a business, especially when it came to sales. I heard that a “pipeline” was helpful. I heard you were … Read More

Spellcheck for proposals, because seplling is hard

Sorry this has taken so long, but spellcheck is available in the online proposal editor. You should see the little squiggly lines if you’re using a “modern” browser. To get the suggestion list, do a Ctrl+Right Click (on Windows) and … Read More

How to sell Microsoft Surface: The tablet for getting things done

Microsoft recently announced “Surface”, an oddly-named tablet family designed to compete not only with Apple’s iPad and numerous devices running Google’s Android operating system, but also tablets from its own hardware partners. Microsoft built its empire by selling Windows and … Read More

Proposal Tip: Don’t Use Jargon, Unless It’s Your Prospect’s Jargon

Somewhere between high school and business school, many seemingly literate people develop the ability to write grammatically correctly but completely incomprehensibly. However, when you are trying to convince a prospect to sign your proposal, it really helps if they can … Read More