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6 Killer Sales Proposal Mistakes

“Can you send me a proposal?”, is one of the best questions you can get in sales. But it also leads to a lot of stress. Small business owners who moonlight as the “VP of Sales”, and even seasoned sales … Read More

Highrise History

Killer proposals made easy (even easier with Highrise)

I’ve worked with a lot of small businesses (and plenty of large ones, too) to improve their pricing. This creates fundamental changes in the business model that greatly improves profitability. Yet once that’s done, what the sales team needs, whether … Read More

Would better proposal software have saved the Death Star? (How to write a killer proposal)

A lot of small business owners are much better at “doing what they do” than selling. I’ll count myself among them. But all is not lost. For many of us in the business-to-business world, the better you get at selling, … Read More