Monthly Archives: August 2013

Rules for Proposal Writing and Fiction Writing: Not What You Think

I’ve read plenty of proposals that sound like (bad) fiction. I’m not talking about the rules that says “don’t write fiction for your proposals.” That ought to go without saying. I’m talking about a great piece of writing advice from Chuck … Read More

If Pricing’s too Complicated, Get a Computer to Do It for You

Don’t know how to come up with a pricing model? Think figuring out it is too complicated, but coding genetic algorithms in Java is easier? Well, you’re in luck. Brian Du Preez put together an algorithm to price wine by … Read More

Follow up on proposal discounting

A while back, I wrote about a customer who wasn’t sure whether he should offer a discount to a prospect. He ended up following my advice and not offering any preemptive, arbitrary discounts, but he did offer 2 conditional discounts, … Read More

3 Tragic Misconceptions about Proposal Cover Letters

Here’s a great piece by Matt Handal about proposal cover letters. The most important part is the first: “Don’t include a cover letter in your proposal. It’s not going to convince us. So, don’t waste your time.” Why would he … Read More

Tips for Adding Videos to Proposals

Videos are a great way to make proposals really stand out. You can use videos to: Introduce team members who will work on a project. Demonstrate products and solutions in action. Provide testimonials. Show details of a location in a … Read More