Tips for Adding Videos to Proposals

Videos are a great way to make proposals really stand out. You can use videos to:

  • Introduce team members who will work on a project.
  • Demonstrate products and solutions in action.
  • Provide testimonials.
  • Show details of a location in a walk through.
  • Illustrate complex processes or explain difficult concepts.

However, producing videos can be hard. The good folks over at Wistia are online video experts, though, and they provided this handy (pun intended–  wait until you watch it) guide to “Shooting for the Edit.” Editing video tends to be the biggest time suck, so if you can shoot in a way that minimizes editing time, that dramatically lowers the barrier to creating video content for your proposals.

Once you’ve created your video, it’s easy to embed it into your Mimiran online proposal. (The video won’t be available in the PDF version, naturally.)

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