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How Your High School English Class is Ruining Your Proposals (Don’t get me started on MBAs)

Ah, high school english class. A time to read classic literature, build your vocabulary and learn to write proper essays. Reading great literature is wonderful, but the latter 2 goals were often in conflict. Because the way teachers measure your … Read More

Add Descriptions to Your Line Items

Sometimes you want to put more than just the product name into the pricing table in your proposal. Mimiran now makes it easy. If your line items’ product has a description, Mimiran will insert it automatically. You can add, edit, … Read More

These guys know who to charge extra

I guess they expect their target market to have poor math skills (perhaps aided and abetted by consumption of the product).

3 Lessons Doctors Can Teach You About Selling Your Proposals

Doctors spend years in school and training so they can learn as much as possible about the incredibly complex human body. They get no training in sales. Only recently have med schools realized that teaching good “bedside manner” might be … Read More