Monthly Archives: September 2012

Proposal Rule: Aim for the end, not the start

In the giddy rush of the sales cycle, we often do whatever we can to “get the deal signed.” I’m not even talking about the shadiness that occurs in many big deals, where the sales rep is not responsible for … Read More

Sales Proposal Rule: How to Handle Price Objections

(If you haven’t seen the first two rules in this series, check out: Don’t create your own price objections. Validate price objections.) If you have a price objection, and you’ve validated it as a legitimate price objection, it’s time to … Read More

Sales Proposal Rule: Validate Price Objections

In last week’s post, we looked at how and why some small business owners start negotiating against themselves, serving up their own price objections. Now let’s talk about how to deal with price objections. This is a simple 2 step … Read More

Sales Proposal Rules: Stop Creating Your Own Price Objections

When prospects don’t like your price, they’ll tell you. What happens when you don’t like your price? When you’re not confident that you’re asking for the right amount? First, you sound defensive. In person, on the phone, in the language … Read More