Monthly Archives: November 2008

6 Tips for Selling in a Downturn

Geoffrey James over at BNet was just at the Selling Power 2.0 conference and picked up 6 tips for selling in a downturn. What caught my eye was #3: “Don’t lower prices. Find new and innovative ways to lower the … Read More

What’s worse than inflation?

When commodity prices surged and governments around the world pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into markets, crippling inflation was a major risk. However, demand is so soft that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) fell a record 1.0% in October. … Read More

The team’s a winner– so the prices are going up

Sports Illustrated reports that the AL Champion Tampa Bay Rays are raising ticket prices $1-$5 next year, following their first winning season. Tickets for most games will cost $10-$210, although some games against popular competition will cost more. Nothing succeeds … Read More

Price Increase via Package Change

Customers hate price increases. So many companies keep the price the same, but reduce the amount of product sold. I recently came across an example of this when my wife came from the grocery store with a big container of … Read More

Coast to Coast

We were in Miami last week for the Pricing Society fall conference. This week we’re in San Francisco for Dreamforce, the user bash. Almost everyone we talk to is concerned about the economy, and many people are already experiencing … Read More