Monthly Archives: April 2007

Abusive Pricing?

Jason Calconis has a funny post about a hotel charging $2.80 for a cup of coffee. I’m not sure how much you get to complain about coffee when you have a $400 hotel room, but the point is legit. People … Read More

Selling Price Protection on Airline Tickets

Quasi-stealth mode startup Yapta is offering a new wrinkle on airline tickets. First, travel sites like Expedia gave buyers unprecedented visibility and power by allowing them to conveniently buy airline tickets from multiple carriers. Then sites like Farecast offered predictions … Read More

Why Starbucks Coffee Is Cheap

Starbucks gets a lot of attention in the pricing world for their ability to charge $4+ for coffee. There are good reasons they can do this (selling something physically addictive doesn’t hurt), but that’s a different post. This post is … Read More

Local Variation in Prices Irks Walgreens Shopper

A Walgreens shopper was shocked to learn that different stores charged different prices for the same item. Ketha Vinson was looking for Motrin in Cincinnati. When one Walgreens was out, she went to a different store, to find the same … Read More

Giving away the Store

From time to time, an item hits the news about a company selling something at an absurd price. In the age of online shopping, these mistakes can quickly spiral out of control. When you sell high-octane gas at $0.27 per … Read More