Monthly Archives: July 2006

Greater Price Transparency Coming to Medicine

The Kaiser Network sponsored a webinar today called Ask the Experts, Price Transparency, about the drive to make the price of medical care more transparent to consumers. It’s an interesting discussion about something that is vitally important to our lives, … Read More

Dell to Slash Promotions, Rebates

Dell’s big announcement on consumer pricing: reducing promotions by 70-80%. This is a good move for Dell, which had developed a sophisticated, but confusing methodology for offering promotions and rebates that changes several times a day. Buying a computer became … Read More

More on the Tyranny of Averages

Last year, we wrote about The Tyranny of Averages (see our publications page for more). Sometimes, however, Bill Amend describes a concept much more elegantly.

Dell to Announce Major Consumer Pricing Change

Dell has planted the P.R. seeds for an annoucement on Thursday about “a major pricing initative” for the consumer and small business segments. Dell sells mainly to larger enterprises, and their repution for customer service and consumer-friendly pricing has taken … Read More

Is Price Discrimination Good for Buyers?

Buyers tend not to like the term “price discrimination”. After all, “discrimination” in the popular lexicon has more to do with prejudice than discernment. And when it comes to pricing, the term immediately makes people think they are paying higher … Read More