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A Faster Proposal Process Saves Time for You and Your Customers

Creating and closing proposal more efficiently is a big win for personal and company productivity, and it’s also a big win for your customers’ productivity. Do you hate the grunt work of answering RFP questions or just having the seemingly … Read More

Simple Sample Proposal Template

Need a simple sales proposal template? It’s easy to get anxious about whether your proposal covers the right things, in the right way. While there’s no universal, “perfect” template, here’s an outline and a way to get an actual proposal … Read More

Mimiran Discount Dialog

When (and How) You Should Discount Your Sales Proposals in 3 Steps

I recently wrote about how not to discount. Some people have naturally asked how they should handle discounting situations. 1. Follow the advice in the “how not to discount” post– never preemptively discount. Note that Mimiran helps with some of … Read More

Give Your Prospects 3 Options in Your Sales Proposals to Increase Win Rate and Revenue

When taking on a project, sometimes it’s hard to know the right approach until we have detailed choices. Do I want the minimal approach? The high-end approach? Somewhere in the middle? When I’m buying, I want to know what my … Read More

The biggest flaw in your software sales proposal

Someone wants to buy your really awesome, cutting-edge software package/app/solution, and has asked for a proposal. You grab your beautiful marketing collateral and a few old sales proposals, and cobble together a new proposal. You send it over to your … Read More

One Easy Tip to Make Your Sales Proposals More Compelling

I’ve written before about why proposal writing tends to be terrible (see How Your High School English Class is Ruining Your Sales Proposals), which makes your customers less interesting in reading, understanding, and signing your proposals. Writing well is hard, but … Read More

When you should absolutely not discount your proposal or quote

I got a call from a customer recently asking about whether to discount a proposal. The brief background: after some great initial conversations, the prospect had asked my customer to create a proposal for a mid-sized project. The initial discussion … Read More