Simple Sample Proposal Template

Need a simple sales proposal template? It’s easy to get anxious about whether your proposal covers the right things, in the right way. While there’s no universal, “perfect” template, here’s an outline and a way to get an actual proposal in this format.

Here’s an outline of a simple sales proposal, with 5 sections

  • Situation Summary: Why the prospect needs to do the project, what happens if they don’t, why they need you, and why you can help.
  • Project Plan: The steps for completing the project, including the customer’s responsibilities.
  • Fees: What the project will cost.
  • Terms and Conditions: The fine print. This is separate from the fees because in a Mimiran online proposal, you can see which sections the prospect views and when. You want to know if there are questions about the pricing or the legalese.
  • Acceptance: How the prospect can accept and any next steps that you want to bake right in to the proposal.

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