Give Your Prospects 3 Options in Your Sales Proposals to Increase Win Rate and Revenue

When taking on a project, sometimes it’s hard to know the right approach until we have detailed choices. Do I want the minimal approach? The high-end approach? Somewhere in the middle? When I’m buying, I want to know what my choices are– not just what I get, but what it will cost in time, money, and effort. As a seller, I want to give my customers choices, too.

This may require a little more work in the beginning, but it saves time because you won’t have to iterate as many times on the proposal. In addition, you can increase your deal size.

I’ve seen many situations where the seller was trying to meet a budget target (often imagined by the seller, without any input from the buyer), and offered a solution that didn’t really address the prospect’s needs. I’ve done this myself, and lost deals, by being too cheap and too limited.

Presenting “good”, “better”, “best” options helps you and the prospect find the sweet spot quickly. You don’t get kicked out of the deal for being off the mark and the prospect gets what they want. The 3 choices is usually enough, unless there’s a specific need for more. As you move past 3 choices, you can actually make it harder to make a decision. Having 3 is really helpful. You cover a broad range of options, and not only will many buyers surprise you by going for the “best” solution that you just threw in there to show what was possible, you also make your midrange choice seem less expensive by presenting it alongside a more expensive choice.

Naturally, Mimiran makes it easy to do this. If you’re using Pro edition, you can turn this capability on by going to Admin > Account > Edit Account Setting > Pro Features. Enable Allow Multiple Quotes Per Proposal. You can now quickly create as many quotes as you’d like for each proposal, arrange them in the order you want, and decide which option(s) is(are) selected when the prospect first views the proposal.

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