Monthly Archives: December 2008

One area of pricing strength

While the economy as a whole risks deflation, there was one area with strong pricing power. According to PNC’s annual survey the cost of hiring lords a’leaping, buying partridges, pear trees, and other accoutrements of the 12 Days of Christmas … Read More

The real end of the line for airline fees

Back in August, I wrote a post titled “What Other Fees Can Airlines Charge?” Well, as several alert readers pointed out, The Onion has the ultimate answer. When it comes to airlines’ pricing power, the good news is that the … Read More

Pricing Lessons from the Detroit Bailout Fiasco

With consumers shunning gas-guzzling SUVs and easy financing gone the way of $1.00/gallon gas, Detroit is in trouble. Some people have called for government intervention. Others have suggested that the best thing to do is allow the big carmakers to … Read More