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Subscriptions are in, free is out

Chris Anderson of Wired said that Free is the price of the future. Some of us beg to differ. Among those with other opinions are Lincoln Murphy of 16 Ventures who published a paper called The Reality of Freemium in … Read More

SaaS University: Maximizing SaaS Revenue

If you’re in the software industry, don’t miss SaaS University in Dallas, January 26-28. With over 30 sessions, this event provides the best opportunity for folks in the SaaS community to learn, share, and network. Get early bird pricing through … Read More

Microsoft’s Pricing Dilemma (Part 2)

We mentioned in a previous post that Microsoft is in the grips of a pricing dilemma. Changing paradigms have weakened Microsoft’s dominant position in operating systems and office productivity programs. Businesses and affluent consumers no longer upgrade regularly. What they … Read More

Microsoft’s Pricing Dilemma

Microsoft is between a rock and hard place. The Redmond software giant made an enviable $17.6B in profit last year (see MSFT for more details) but the stock is down from its bubbly peak and has been stagnant for almost … Read More

Pricing Lessons from the Detroit Bailout Fiasco

With consumers shunning gas-guzzling SUVs and easy financing gone the way of $1.00/gallon gas, Detroit is in trouble. Some people have called for government intervention. Others have suggested that the best thing to do is allow the big carmakers to … Read More

Not Free! Why $0.00 Is Not the Future of Business

Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson recently wrote a provocatively-titled article called Free! Why $0.00 Is the Future of Business. Anderson argues that the economics of computing on the net, where storage and bandwidth costs fall even faster than the cost of … Read More

A Really Important Part of the Demand Curve

Josh Kopelman over at the Redeye VC blog has a great post (see image from post– click for larger image in original post) on the importance of the part of the demand curve when the price moves from “free” to … Read More

Webinar Recording Available

We mentioned earlier that we were about to do a webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture, as part of the FeaturePlan webinar series. The recorded versions (Flash and mp3) are now available online. Oh, and it’s also dugg on … Read More

Webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture

On Wednesday, January 24, I’ll be presenting a webinar on Effective Pricing and Value Capture at 12 noon EST. If you don’t make it live, we will make a recording available later (we’ll post a link here). Effective Pricing and … Read More

Why Be Simple when You Can Be Microsoft?

Last week, Microsoft launched its much hyped iPod competitor, dubbed Zune. The Zune is another mp3 player, with the ability to share songs with other nearby Zunes. Pricing for the Zune itself is straightforward, and basically at parity to the … Read More