Monthly Archives: September 2014

Do Your Proposals Put Your Prospects to Sleep?

I’ve seen many proposals that are The Worst Movie Ever. Don’t make your proposals like this…   Yes, you usually need some legal-type language, but you can still make a proposal interesting and compelling. If it’s important enough for the … Read More

Austin Sales, Proposals and Pricing Meetup

Got questions (or answers) about sales, proposals, and/or pricing? Join the Austin Sales, Proposals, and Pricing Meetup Group. We’ll be discussing tips, tricks, pitfalls, etc, to help you sell more effectively and profitably, how to attract the right kind of … Read More

Apple Watch, Value, Price, and Frame of Reference

John Gruber has an in-depth piece about Apple Watch over on DaringFireball. It’s well thought-out, but what’s particularly interesting is his guess at the prices of the three different tiers. Apple announced that the watch would start at $349, which … Read More

Proposal Writing Style: Formality and Clarity

There are two ways to look at writing style: formality and clarity. The formality of the writing, formatting, and imagery will depend on your customers. A professional party planner may promise to “keep the drinks flowing, the music thumping, and … Read More

Defining the Customer’s Commitments in a Proposal

In addition to clearly defining what we are not doing as part of a project (see What You’re Forgetting to Include in Your Proposal), we need to define what we need the customer to do to make the project successful. … Read More