Monthly Archives: May 2008

Price Discrimination on Priceline

As a pricing person, is a fascinating site. Priceline is like a “normal” travel site where travelers can purchase airline tickets, hotel rooms, and rental cars, but it also offers a “Name Your Own Price” feature. This lets people … Read More

Overcoming price objections in a down market

BNet, which is heavily focused on sales, has a couple helpful posts on pricing. Three Successful Pricing Strategies for a Downturn urges you to react quickly when necessary, but don’t hurt the long term to save the short term, and … Read More

Fixing Mistakes in Your Pricing Structure: 2 Examples

You analyze reams of data. You carefully evaluate potential pricing policies. You select what you think is the best one. And then your users tell you that they hate it. And not just because no one likes to spend money … Read More