Monthly Archives: August 2005

Pricing for Small Biz vs Global 2000

In a comment on an earlier post about small business pricing, Chris Hopf asked: How different should the approach to effective and profitable pricing be, between Fortune 500 corporations and Small Businesses? What can Small Businesses learn about pricing strategy … Read More

Record Companies Unhappy with iTunes Pricing

Some of the major record labels** are pushing Apple to abandon its one-price-fits-all policy and allow higher prices on hit songs and possibly even lower prices on less popular tunes. From a pricing theory perspective, this makes perfect sense. A … Read More

Price Obfuscation Is Not a Pricing Strategy

But it can be part of one. There were a couple of interesting article in the New York Times (free registration required) this weekend on B2C pricing for phone service and extended warranties. Almost everyone has seen the surcharges with … Read More

BEA Retreats on Dual-Core Pricing

For those of you who aren’t tired of hearing about software pricing, BEA announced on Tuesday that dual-core chips will count as a single CPU for licensing purposes. The company will continue to charge a 25% premium for chips with … Read More

Inc. Magazine Talks Pricing

Back in June, Inc. asked “Is It Time to Raise Prices?“, which discussed the differences between cost-plus and value-based pricing, as well as economic value and perceived value. Pricing is often an afterthought for small businesses, who tend to use … Read More

Console Makers Avoid Price War?

Microsoft made news last week by announcing that its new Xbox 360 game console will come in two versions. A $299 base model will play games, while a $399 model will include a hard drive, wireless controllers, and a headset. … Read More

Symantec/Veritas Pricing Integration to Take a Year

I’ve been meaning to post a link to this ZDNet article on the post-merger pricing integration headache going on at Symantec since it came out two weeks ago, but somehow haven’t found the time. Anyway, the company has admitted that … Read More

A Cinema Pricing Followup

An alert reader sent in a link to this article in the NYTimes (free registration required), called Liked the Movie, Loved the Megaplex. The article discusses how some theater chains are trying to differentiate themselves by offering fancier food (and … Read More

The Best Retail Pricing Strategy Ever?

Retail pricing is brutal, right? Well, for a long time, you could escape the commoditization of retail products by simply pricing higher. Price your wine at $100 per bottle and tell people that only a few cases are available. $50,000 … Read More

Airlines Start One-to-One Pricing

A reader sent in a link to this NYTimes article on airlines beaming personalized travel deals to desktop applications. Southwest’s application is called Ding, and it sends personalized travel deals to hundreds of thousands of users every day. Currently, it … Read More