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In Console Wars, Savvy Pricing Shots

New product launches always involve (ok, should always involve) careful price planning. The market for video game consoles highlights various aspects of pricing strategy quite nicely. Companies must balance profit (or loss) per unit, with platform profits on games and … Read More

Hotels Look to Floating Rate Contracts

What could be more dynamic than the price of hotel rooms? Well, a lot of hotel room prices are set in negotiations with corporate travel managers. These rates tend to be fixed. So the buyer could pay more than rack … Read More

Employee Pricing Hard to End

Edmunds reports that the Big 3 are extending their employee pricing programs through the rest of the summer, noting “It’s hard to say who’s more addicted to employee pricing; the shoppers or the sellers?” The most interesting aspect of this … Read More

Aggressive Pricing Important for Real Estate?

One of the biggest pricing decisions most people make is usually outsourced. When selling a home, most of us rely on real estate agents to set the price for us and guide us in negotiating with buyers. Certainly, the average … Read More