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Selling Results and Regret: Economic Theory vs Human Nature II

In my last post on Economic Theory vs Human Nature, I discussed ideas about loss aversion from Daniel Kahneman’s great book, Thinking, Fast and Slow. In this post, we’ll look at another concept from the book: how regret, or, more … Read More

Why You’re Underpricing Your Proposals: Human Nature vs Economic Theory

Economic theory postulates that humans are rational beings who always make optimal decisions. In other words, the theory assumes that humans are not human. While economic theory often works well in describing real world behavior, the times when it falls … Read More

The Real Election Lesson for Executives, and Why Most of Them Won’t Pay Attention

This morning, Americans of all political leanings can come together an rejoice that the presidential campaign is over. While pundits and policy wonks will discuss the campaign endlessly in the days, weeks, and months to come. They will talk about … Read More